Tweet of the Day: One Facebook advert translator has had enough 9 years ago

Tweet of the Day: One Facebook advert translator has had enough

An honest Facebook advert? That's what happened when one Finnish translator was behind the keyboard for one company's dubious weight loss promises.

Tired of being told to gobble acai berries to lose weight? Tired of logging into Facebook and being bombarded with extremely suspicious health-related adverts? So was the Finnish translator for one weight loss firm that promises to turn you from flab to fab by using their product.


With a Special K model look-alike posing in a before and after photo in a red swimsuit, the translator's task was easy - just write two lines about how great the weight loss product was and how quickly it would change users lives.

Evidently tired of having to translate such nonsense, the translator instead wrote: "I've had enough. I don't feel like translating this shit anymore. Finns, don't buy this." An honest review on Facebook? That must be a first, though it was another great Tweet from the professional time-wasters at The Poke.

With over 51,000 followers, The Poke's tagline is "time well wasted" and its description of itself as offering "hand-picked internet gold" is pretty much spot on.


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