UK station Channel 5 buys RTE drama Love/Hate 9 years ago

UK station Channel 5 buys RTE drama Love/Hate

One of the biggest shows currently on your television box, Love/Hate, is to be aired on British network station, Channel 5, say the folks at IFTN.

The show already airs in  Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East, South Korea and America; and while there's a considerable amount of Irish abroad, it's apparently found a strong local audience in the majority of those places.


The series has been a phenomenal success for RTE, drawing huge ratings and critical praise from critics here and in the various countries it broadcasts. As an advertising for Irish talent alone it's superb; Irish crews are among the top tier in the world while the performances are universally fantastic.

It will be interesting to see how it performs in the ratings on the English station; regardless it's good news for all involved as it made lead to some high profile work over there.

The fourth season recently wrapped shooting in May... disconcertingly close to JOE HQ. We weren't sure if the area had just gone to shit or if these extras were just REALLY in character.