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25th Sep 2015

VIDEO: 8 great motivational movie speeches to help you in your new job

Help yourself to some inspiration

Colm Boohig

To prepare you for every work situation.

Jobs, eh? A new one of those things can be daunting, but there is a way to deal with nearly every stressful or challenging situation out there.

So sit back, relax in that new suit of yours (it’s very nice by the way, where did you get it?) and have the notepad at the ready for some big screen inspiration.

For when you need that kick up the a**

Clip via AREA Advisory

For when you need to get fired up

Clip via HF Marketing

For when you need to remember that it’s all about honesty and graft at work (Don’t take it verbatim from Denzel here)

Clip via Movieclips

For when you need to prioritise your to-do list

Clip via Odraude1998

For when you’re having a tough time

Clip via trulyinspirational

For when you need to measure the merits of commitment and dedication

Clip via Bassir Caravan

For when you need to learn the importance of a sale

Clip via

For when you need to see the rewards in professional ambition

Clip via FoxHomeEntertainment UK