Video: An earth-shattering tackle from College Football in the US 6 years ago

Video: An earth-shattering tackle from College Football in the US

The man dishing out the pain here is called Jadeveon Clowney. His name may suggest a joker but there is nothing funny about what he does to an unsuspecting running back.

The College Football season in the US ends with a series of ‘Bowl’ games. Some, like the Cotton Bowl and Sugar Bowl, are around for years and carry a certain cachet but most are just created to make money, sell sponsorships, fill stadiums and attract TV ratings.

One such creation is the Outback Bowl, named after a a chain of steakhouses. It is held every year in Tampa, Florida but we suggest that it should now be called the Clowney Bowl after this stunning bit of play from South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney last night.

With Michigan leading South Carolina 22-21 with just eight minutes to go, Michigan were looking to run the ball, and the clock. Clowney had other ideas.

The massive defensive end spotted a gap and hit running back Vincent Smith just as he received the ball.

Clowney got his man so hard that Smith’s helmet flew off his head like a rocket and the dazed running back dropped the ball. Clowney then scooped the loose ball up with one hand to complete as awesome a bit of play as you will ever see.

That turnover eventually led to a TD and South Carolina won the game 33-28. Clowney was already being touted as a massive prospect to watch in 2013 and this monster tackle confirms it.