Video: Baseball player suffers gruesome ankle injury 7 years ago

Video: Baseball player suffers gruesome ankle injury

Tim Hudson suffered one horrific injury last night as the pitcher fractured in ankle against the Mets. We have to warn you, this ain’t pretty.

The Atlanta Braves starting pitcher was in top form last night as the Braves eventually went onto win 8-2, but not before the stricken 38 year-old was carried off from the field of play.


Hudson was covering first base when Eric Young Junior came charging towards him, accidently stepping directly on his ankle, with the sickening visual of the bending ankle clear for all to see.

The Mets player’s reaction was immediate, though there was clearly no intent on his part, it was a tough viewing for all concerned with a stricken Hudson leaving the field in a cart.

The Braves soon confirmed the news that Hudson’s season is over and we wish him well in his recovery.