Video: Brian O'Driscoll's new ad is 'totes amazeballs' 8 years ago

Video: Brian O'Driscoll's new ad is 'totes amazeballs'

There might be a career in acting for BOD after he gives up all that nonsense with the rugby


Brian O'Driscoll will be hanging up the boots at the end of the season, unless those chants of one more year have changed his mind yet, so he should be looking for his next move off the pitch.

With that in mind, we reckon he might be able to follow in his lovely wife's footsteps after showing some serious talent on screen in this ad for Midland Travel, who are, it would seem 'totes amazeballs'.

We've been looking for a few new words to replace 'epic' in our vocabulary, so expect us to be using awesometacular a bit more from now on.

Hat-tip to Conor Sisk for sending this our way