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08th May 2013

Video: In case you missed it, here’s Daniele de Rossi’s contender for the worst dive of all time

Hang your head Daniele, this is just awful...

Conor Heneghan

Hang your head Daniele, this is just awful…

It’s safe to say that Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi is something of a colourful character. He’s feisty, temperamental, incredibly talented and he just so happens to have arguably the worst tattoo in football… and that’s saying something.

He was back in the news for all the wrong reasons last night for one of the worst dives you’ll ever see during Roma’s defeat to Chievo and we would have brought it to your attention earlier had Fergie not been dominating the news schedule all day.

De Rossi seemed to have some sort of disagreement with Chievo’s Dario Dainelli in the box, prompting him to shove his opponent and fall to the ground as if it was he who was hit in a lame attempt to get Dainelli sent off.

Unfortunately for De Rossi, the ref turned around while he was in the middle of his piece of simulation and he gave him the withering look his disgraceful act deserved.

Get up Daniele, you’re better than that.

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