Video: Irish mammy watching the All-Ireland hurling final 9 years ago

Video: Irish mammy watching the All-Ireland hurling final

There's nothing like an All-Ireland final to bring out some classic Irish mammy behaviour


For those of us who weren't lucky enough to get tickets to the replay, you might have been at home watching the game with the whole family, and in particular, your Irish mammy.

If that was how you watched the game, then what you would surely have noticed is what we here at JOE are calling the "Increased Mammy-ness Effect" of any big sporting occasion, and in particular the All-Ireland final sees this process reach a sort of fever pitch, if you'll pardon the pun. This video shows that effect in full flow, as Sean Porter recorded a few choice clips of his mother watching the hurling last week.

The Irish mammy is a very specific breed, so anyone who's ever watched any sport with their mother will recognise pretty much everything in this video, from such regular phrases as "where are all the yellows?!" and "the dinner will be burnt". Of course, most importantly, Sean will be in loads of trouble if his mammy does find out about this. If he was as good at his homework as he was at the YouTube...he's an awful divil.

Hat-tip to Gavin Nugent for sending this our way