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Video: LeBronculous; The latest amazing dunk by LeBron James
Does he need team-mates? At this point, probably not.

Does he need team-mates? At this point, probably not.

Easily the best active player in the NBA, LeBron James is now well on the way to getting into the greatest ever conversation. He has a long way to go in terms of rings and records, but we have no doubt the 28-year-old will get there.

Playing the Bucks last night, the Miami Heat star showed why he is the most thrilling athlete in the game with as showy a solo dunk as you will ever see.

Rather than lay off the ball to Mike Miller on a fast break, LeBron jumped, faked a pass, switched hands, threw the ball off the back board, jumped again and slammed the ball home.

It’s a wondrous thing and barring injury, we see Mr James adding a second title to his name later this year.


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