Video: Let's all laugh at the new Blackburn Rovers Venky's advert 11 years ago

Video: Let's all laugh at the new Blackburn Rovers Venky's advert

Let's hope that the Blackburn Rovers squad were paid handsomely by their new Venky's owners after this advert, which is cringe-inducingly bad from the offset.


When Blackburn was bought by the billionaire Rao family of Pune, India, the club’s fans could’ve been forgiven for thinking that the good times of the mid-1990s were back for good.

However, after a pie-in-the-sky pursuit of Ronaldinho, Champions League promises and the hilariously ill-advised announcement of a palty (poultry?) £5m transfer budget from the chicken suppliers of Venky’s, things began to become a little embarrassing.

Of course, all of those events have now been superceded by yesterday's release of the most hilarious football-related advert since Ryan Giggs tucked into a Quorn burger – the new Venky’s and Blackburn collaborative commercial, featured above.

Evidently, Blackburn’s mid-season collapse last year was down to the player’s surprising penchant for blessing themselves and gorging on succulent chicken before each game.


Even two-time Champions League winner Michel Salgado isn’t spared the indignity of gurning like a maniac in the clip, while tubby David Dunn is unsurprisingly ravenous throughout the facepalm-inducing display.

Poultry in motion? You be the judge and take a look.