Video: Mayo v Meath 1996-esque brawl breaks out at high school American football game 9 years ago

Video: Mayo v Meath 1996-esque brawl breaks out at high school American football game

It wasn’t quite as savage as arguably the most infamous brawl in GAA history but in terms of the number of aggressors involved, it certainly comes close.


If you’ve ever tuned into Friday Night Lights or one of the number of films on high-school American football, you’ll know that it’s something that is taken very seriously Stateside.

Arsenal Tech and Fort Wayne South Side, two schools in Indiana, took it a little too seriously at the weekend when players, coaches and even fans became embroiled in a mass brawl that has attracted plenty of notoriety and could even lead to the removal of both teams from competitive action this season.

The brawl started when an Arsenal Tech player was subjected to a pretty forceful tackle while out of bounds during the third quarter, prompting what could kindly be described as a coming together between players and coaches on both sides.

It was harmless enough stuff at first before one of the Arsenal Tech coaches appeared to throw a punch at his opposite number and then things really took off.


After pleas from the PA announcer it began to calm down but the incident is currently being investigated by the Indiana High School Athletic Association and serious sanctions could be handed out to both teams.

Like we said, it was hardly as savage as the brawl featuring players from Mayo and Meath in the 1996 All-Ireland Final replay, but then again, has there even a brawl as infamous as that one?

Video via YouTube/WANE NewsChannel 15


Hat-tip to Patrick O'Doherty for sending this one into us