Video: Paul McGrath - murders a classic 10 years ago

Video: Paul McGrath - murders a classic

The legendary Paul McGrath is about to tarnish his good name with the launch of an 11-track album including some of his ... er... favourite hits.

For a man who still stands as one of the best ever Irish players, why he feels the need to pick up a mic and murder 11 already pretty bad songs, is beyond us.  As can be seen from the video below (a haunting, and we mean haunting, rendition of "Goin' Back" which was successfully covered by Dusty Springfield among others) his singing is as abject as Ireland's attacking performance against the Russians. The Inchicore hero , who was a fearful player for many opponent has now made us all afraid with his caustic crooning.


"For some reason, that's the one I've always liked," he told the Irish Independent. Believe us Paul, if you hear your version, you wont like it anymore!

"It's something new. It's something novel but it's just songs that I liked when I was a young man so I just put a few of them out there to see how it worked."

The guilty producers are Dublin musicians Hugh Drumm and Brian O'Flaherty and a percentage of the proceeds will go to two charities: the Acquired Brain Injury Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Ireland, which means at least some good will come from this noble but unfortunately cringe worthy attempt.

The collection of cover tunes, including Elvis Costello's 'Good Year For The Roses', Christy Moore's 'The Contender' and the title track 'Handle with Care' by the Travelling Wilburys, will be released on September 23.