Video: Paul Scholes stuck the boot into Arsenal and defended David Moyes on Sky last night 9 years ago

Video: Paul Scholes stuck the boot into Arsenal and defended David Moyes on Sky last night

Beating around the bush was something that Paul Scholes avoided in a rare punditry appearance on Sky last night, with Arsenal bearing the brunt of his rather blunt analysis.


Having barely muttered a word to the media throughout his lengthy playing career, it was something of a surprise to see the former Manchester United midfielder in the Sky Sports studio for coverage of the Manchester derby last night and although the result didn’t go the way he would have wanted, his appearance was very well received in social media circles.

Scholes didn’t let the fact that he was abruptly cut off by host Ed Chamberlain before kick-off affect him during his post-match analysis, but despite yet another Manchester United capitulation at home to a big team, it was Arsenal who Scholes saved his most stinging criticism for.

You can hear exactly what Scholes had to say about the Gunners in the video above, but he had damning criticism for their mentality, discipline and lack of leadership, while it would have made for uncomfortable listening for Jack Wilshere in particular after Scholes suggested that he hasn’t developed as a player since he was a teenager.

Arsenal mans might justifiably suggest that Scholes should concern himself with matters closer to home and both himself and Gary Neville did discuss the situation at Old Trafford later on in the analysis after Scholes and Graeme Souness discussed Moyes immediately after the final whistle.


Scholes towed the party line when saying that Moyes needed major backing in the transfer market in the summer and even though he’s only been gone from the side for just under a season, he didn’t hide when addressing what particular areas of the squad needed an overhaul in the summer.

Given Scholes’ notorious reticence in front of a camera – at least before last night – it’s unclear whether we’ll see him in a studio again soon, but on the back of last night’s performance he’d certainly be welcome back.

Videos via YouTube/Christopher Dixon and YouTube/Sky Sports