Mesut Ozil apologises to fans after getting an earful from Per Mertesacker 9 years ago

Mesut Ozil apologises to fans after getting an earful from Per Mertesacker

Mertesacker gave Ozil quite an earful after the game against Manchester City yesterday, who took to his Facebook page to apologise to the fans


Arsenal were on the wrong end of a heavy defeat at the Etihad yesterday as Manchester City's formidable attacking line up had a very good day at the office.

Nonetheless, there were plenty of Arsenal fans who made the trip to see the match and would have been headed home disappointed, and the players made the effort to go over and applaud them for lending their support, as you would expect.

One man who wasn't too interested in doing so was Mesut Ozil, and it was pretty clear that he was not used to losing by a scoreline like that as he walked off the pitch looking pretty annoyed. However, one man who was more annoyed was Per Mertesacker, who sprinted over (we're fairly sure he's moving at his top speed in the video) to absolutely ball his fellow German out of it.

Wenger insisted the two would be able to sort it out, but we imagine they weren't the only harsh words exchanged between Arsenal players after such a poor result yesterday.


Afterwards, Ozil took to his Facebook page to apologise, saying "Sorry I didn't thank the fans at the end of the game! You have been brilliant to me and I know you had travelled a long way and spent your money to support us. I was upset with the result and know I should have come to you to say 'thank you' and I know it is a big Arsenal tradition win, lose or draw."