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03rd Apr 2013

Video: Seriously… what were these builders thinking?

These cowboys took unloading a truck 'the lazy way' to a whole new level...

Oisin Collins

These cowboys took unloading a truck ‘the lazy way’ to a whole new level…

While attempting to unload a section of concrete pipe these lads, who look like a bunch of cowboy builders if truth be told, decided to cut some corners – so much so that they made the situation into a complete circle.

Instead of gently lowering the pipe down with some ropes and a winch, the lads thought it would be perfectly fine to drop the pipe, which we’d like to remind you is made of concrete, onto two car tyres.

You can see what’s going to happen next from a mile away.

In fairness, you have to love the lads’ reactions as they realise dropping a concrete pipe on to two old tyres wasn’t a great idea. They’ll certainly need some practice if they want to match the truck unloading skills of this guy.