Video: 'Skyping Home for Christmas' is just about perfect 9 years ago

Video: 'Skyping Home for Christmas' is just about perfect

Speaking to the parents from abroad on Skype can be more trouble than it’s worth. This video captures the experience to a tee.

The sad reality of Christmas this year is that thousands and thousands of young people will spend the big day away from home as they make new lives for themselves abroad.


Emigration is always a wrench for those who go and those left behind but we are told that technology makes it easier. Technology like Skype. But anyone who has tried to chat to a parent on it will have experienced all sorts of headaches including slow speeds, mic problems, little or nothing to say and bizarre and unflattering camera angles.

This clip, put together by Duke O’Reilly and starring Clisare, does  a very fine job of recreating virtually every Skype conversation you’ve ever had.