Video: Thai footballer sent off for getting jiggy 10 years ago

Video: Thai footballer sent off for getting jiggy

To him it may have been nothing more than a bit of jiggery-pokery, but this Thai footballer was sent off when his dancing obstructed an opponent’s free-kick.

We don’t know a whole pile about this clip as out Thai correspondent is currently on holidays, but you should nonetheless appreciate the odd nature of the dismissal.


Attempting to put his opponent off, the player attempted a little dance rather too close for the referee’s liking which resulted in an early bath. Then to add insult to injury his side then conceded a winning goal deep into injury-time to cap off a most disappointing night.

Skip to 1:15 for unusual dismissal.

Hat-tip to Who Ate All The Pies


UPDATE:  Stephen Hughes has informed us that the game in question in the Thai Yamaha Division One (2nd Div) was between Singhtarua & Ayutthaya. Rachanon Khaopan nicknamed the Ayutthaya Elephant was the unlucky player in question and put his team down to nine men.

Our Thai correspondent has officially been replaced.