Video: Tiny kid scores incredible touchdown 8 years ago

Video: Tiny kid scores incredible touchdown

We couldn't do better than this even if we were playing Madden with Adrian Peterson


The NFL season is back in full flow, but the highlight reel today comes courtesy of some pee-wee football in Alabama where the kids all look to be about seven or eight years of age.

The player in question is known just as JD apparently, and he has some serious moves. He trucks through one opponent, throws in a bit of a juke here and there and then stiff arms the last tackler before heading straight for the endzone. We're sure that, if he keeps these performances up, we'll know his full name soon enough.

The best thing about this? Young JD isn't even the running back, he's the quarterback. The scouts will be out in force at his next game, we're sure.

Hat-tip to Mashable for the video