Video: Tom Brady gives stirring speech at his old school 10 years ago

Video: Tom Brady gives stirring speech at his old school

Hell yeah, let’s do this thing...

Hats off to Tom Brady for taking time out to visit his old school this week. While in the area to play the Detroit Lions in a pre-season game, the New England Patriots star popped over to his college, Michigan, to give their football team a pep talk.


He doesn’t normally do much of this stuff (Ray Lewis he ain’t) but Brady’s college experience is often cited as the reason why he is so good as a pro.

Not highly recruited out of high school, he was seventh on the depth charts in his first year at Michigan and was a back-up for his first two years. Eventually he got the gig as starter and but even that wasn’t enough to get him a high draft pick, going at a lowly 199 in the 2000 draft.

That slight, that overlooking of his talents, is cited by many as the reason why he plays so hard, determined to prove all those doubters wrong at every opportunity. Three Super Bowl wins has probably shut them up at this point.

Anyway, Brady tells the young players about how much he loved his alma mater, how important it is to work hard and how his greatest achievement happened not in the NFL, but in Michigan colours. It’s great stuff and he clearly means what he says.


If we were in the room, we’d be pretty motivated to have a great year.