Video: Would you cycle through Wexford in a pair of speedos for €170? This guy did... 10 years ago

Video: Would you cycle through Wexford in a pair of speedos for €170? This guy did...

Sure, he got a few odd looks from the locals and nobody else will ever ride the bike in question again but it was all for a good cause.


The mostly-naked cyclist in question in the video above was Gavin Kinsella, who completed the challenge of cycling through the streets of Wexford wearing only a pair of speedos to help raise awareness for a new, innovative fundraising platform called icharityu.

icharityu is a little different from other charity ventures in that a person hoping to raise money agrees to carry out a daring or challenging mission, but only if a set minimum fund is raised. The person carries out the mission when the total (set minimum fund is raised) and they upload a video of them completing the challenge. If the majority of the donators are satisfied with the video and that the challenge has been passed, the money goes to charity, as it did in this case, with Gavin managing to raise €170 for World Vision Ireland.

Thankfully, not all of the challenges involve parading through busy thoroughfares half-naked and as well as raising money for worthy causes, there is plenty of craic to be had for all parties involved as well. The step by step process involved in icharityu is listed below and for more information, you can check out their website here.

How icharityu works:  


01 - Choose a daring bet, challenge or personal goal that you are willing to do IF a set minimum fund (SMF) is raised.

02 - Choose the SMF (money) that must be raised in order for you to carry out your mission, choose a charity and set the split-o-meter (100% to charity or a max of 50% to yourself).

03 - Share and promote your mission via Facebook and Twitter to attract donators (friends, family and random donators).

04 - Once your SMF is raised, you must carry out your mission and upload a 'proof' video.


05 - Full control is then passed back over to the donators where they will decide the outcome of your mission by voting pass or fail, once they have viewed your 'proof' video.

PASS (majority vote) - you and the charity receive the funds raised (if you are taking a cut).

FAIL (majority vote) - all donations are refunded / cancelled.