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29th May 2014

Vine: What the hell is Roy Hodgson trying to explain to Steven Gerrard?

The England captain looks pretty confused...

Joe Harrington

The England captain looks pretty confused…

The World Cup kick-off is closing in hard and fast and we here in JOE Towers cannot bloody wait for it all to start.

The teams are going through final preparations and it’s the first opportunity in a while that the national team coaches have had a chance to spend a decent amount of time with their players.

England are currently preparing in the UK and Roy Hodgson is trying to implement his game plan and ideas to the players.

However, JOE’s absolutely flummoxed as to what he’s trying to explain here, Stevie G looks clueless as well…

If you think you know what he’s trying to tell Gerrard, give us a tweet.

Vine credit: Martin Fitzgerald