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Want some more information about the new Dumb and Dumber sequel?
The world rejoiced when the co-director of the original Dumb and Dumber confirmed that Harry and Lloyd would be back. Now he's given us some more info about the sequel...

The world rejoiced when Peter Farrelly, the co-director of the original Dumb and Dumber, confirmed that Harry and Lloyd would be back on our cinema screens once more. Now, he’s gone and given us some more details about the much-anticipated sequel…

The Irish Sun reports that Peter Farrelly, and some of the other Dumb and Dumber chiefs, have been more than happy to discuss the follow up to the hit 1994 comedy.

They’re also pretty keen to stress the fact that they weren’t responsible for the god-awful prequel Dumb and Dumberer. Cringe.

In fairness, we’d be pretty desperate to disassociate ourselves from that monstrosity too if we were them…

“It picks up today. It’s 17 or 18 years later. It’s not like a month after that happened. It’s today,” said Farrelly speaking about the new film, which is already being dubbed the “true sequel.”

“And we explain what they’ve been doing all those years,” he added.

We can only imagine what Harry and Lloyd have been getting up to. No doubt it involves selling more dead budgies to blind kids…

The film is due to begin filming in September and of course, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels will be back on the scene to reprise their roles as the dim-witted duo that won our hearts in the early nineties.

Farrelly has said that he has not seen the epic flop that was Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd however, he doesn’t cast any stones at the people responsible for it.


“You know, I never saw it. That’s the truth. But, by the way, I wished the filmmakers well on that. I don’t blame them for making that movie,” he said.

“They’re young guys and the studio said, ‘Hey, we want to make this movie.’ They came to us and asked, ‘Do you want to make a prequel?’ and we said, ‘Absolutely not.’” He added.

What was the main reason behind that Farrelly was so eager to get on board with a Dumb and Dumber sequel that is set in the modern day?

“…every sixteen year old is dumb. The idea is that these guys are 45 and they’re idiots. That’s what interested us,” he said.

Sounds pretty interesting to us too…

So Carrey and Daniels are back on board, the original directors and writers will be doing their thing and the whole shebang will kick off this September. We can only hope this sequel does the original film justice. Only time will tell…

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