We're going to be able to fly blimps in GTA V 8 years ago

We're going to be able to fly blimps in GTA V

If, like us, you've been eagerly anticipating the latest release in the Grand Theft Auto series, this news will make you even more excited, if that's even possible.

By Adrian Collins


We've seen blimps before in Grand Theft Auto Vice City, but we haven't been able to fly them before...until now that is. Grand Theft Auto V will see us able to get up into the blimp and pilot our way across the skies.

There seems like there will be a few other vehicles in the game that we can fly, including stunt planes, and we'll also be able to scuba dive.

Those of us who pre-order the game will get access to the blimp and stunt-planes, and the special collectors pre-order edition also gives each of your characters a boost to their special ability (we haven't heard yet what those abilities will be), as well as a few extra weapons in the Ammu-Nation gun stores.

We're pretty sure that we aren't going to get anything productive done once this game eventually comes out anyway, especially if we can fly a bloody blimp. Click on the pic to check out all the goodies in the Special Edition.