Who's Max Keiser and why does he want to bring Anglo: The Musical to the US? 9 years ago

Who's Max Keiser and why does he want to bring Anglo: The Musical to the US?

An American journalist named Max Keiser has been tweeting about the Irish made Anglo: The Musical recently. We want to know why.


So who is this Max Keiser?

Well, Max Keiser is a smooth-talking American journalist who writes for the Huffington Post; hosts a TV show called Keiser Report and anchors another show called On the Edge on Iran’s 'Press TV'. He also has his own website, which you can view here. So he’s got his fingers in a few different pies, so to speak.

Why am I hearing so much about him today?

You may have heard about his tweets supporting the Irish made musical called Anglo: The Musical. It's based on an original story by Johnny Morrison, Darren Smith and Colm Tobin and it has been written by Paul Howard of Ross O’Carroll-Kelly fame. The musical features puppets that take on the personas of Ireland’s rich and famous - you know, the ones that came to fame in the Celtic Tiger era. However, the show hit a slight bump in the road.


You also may have heard that the former banker Sean Fitzpatrick, who was facing charges for giving unlawful financial assistants in 2008, was charged back in July. Well, for legal reasons, the lads from Anglo: The Musical had to write the Sean Fitzpatrick puppet’s part out of the play.

So is that the play finished, never to be seen again?

No, thankfully the lads had were told about the legal implications in time and now they’ve worked out the bugs. One or two songs have been scrapped but others that containted Fitzpatrick's name have been changed. The show is hitting the Bord Gais Energy Theatre later this month and they’ve already began rehearsing with the new script.

But what does Max Keiser have to do with it?


Well he caught wind of the news that Sean’s puppet was pulled from the show, so he sent this tweet out:

What does it mean though?

Well, he’s pledging $25,000 of his hard earned bucks to get the show staged in the US, presumably so that Sean’s puppet could be re-introduced. You can reserve shares of the project over on piratemyfilm.com, a crowdfunding site. They need $100,000 to get the project up and running and they already have 26 per cent funded according to the site.


Fair play, I suppose. So when is the Irish show taking place?

Like we said it’s taking place in Bord Gais Energy Theatre. Previews are on November 13th and the show is set to run from November 14th until the 25th. You can find out more about it here.