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26th Mar 2014

You’ll never guess which club from the ‘Top 5’ leagues received the most in transfer fees since 2008


That’s an awful lot of money into their coffers…

We all know that jumbo transfer fees are the norm in football, and even though the world hit a recession around 2008, spending in football continued to escalate. It really is a different ball game, no pun intended of course.

Anyway, the folks over at Opta pro have been crunching the numbers, and put together a table of the teams that have raked in the most money from selling players over the past five seasons, and there are a few entries on the list that might surprise you.

transfer table

Spurs sit proudly atop the pile thanks to a few huge money transfers (Berbatov, Modric and Bale to name a few, not to mention our own Robbie Keane), but Udinese’s model of investing heavily in South American talent seems to be working very well, and has given the Pozzo family the spare cash to buy up Watford and Granada while they’re at it.

Surprisingly Madrid, who are big spenders themselves, are also high up the table, while Porto’s strategy of finding brilliant players and selling them for a huge price is also going well too. Who’da thunk it?