Your ambitious but relatively realistic World Cup bet of the day is right here 8 years ago

Your ambitious but relatively realistic World Cup bet of the day is right here

Not much of a gambler but fancy an ambitious punt on the World Cup to further pique your interest? Try this one on for size with thanks to Ladbrokes.

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Much like the majors in golf and tennis, the Grand National and similarly prestigious horse races, sports fans who normally keep their hands in their pockets like to channel their inner expert and have a bit of a flutter on the World Cup every four years.

It’s all well and good picking the favourites to win or, eh, picking England to exit the tournament on penalties in the quarter-finals, but occasional punters want something a little more ambitious so that if their bet does come off it will come with a significant reward.

Combining two separate markets often results in a very decent sounding bet with very attractive odds and we have to say we like the sound of an all-South American final (Brazil and Argentina to be more specific at 8/1) combined with the selection of Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuain as top scorer at 20/1.

All in all, that comes to odds of around 190/1, meaning that a mere tenner will return the princely sum of just under two grand. Frankly, we think you’ll need a holiday after watching so much football for the next month so that’s that sorted.


The logic behind the suggested bet is pretty simple. At 3/1 and 4/1 respectively, Brazil and Argentina are first and second favourites to win the tournament. Should they both top their groups – and we expect them to do so – they won’t meet until the final if they can swat aside the teams in their way in the knockout stages. Given the talent in both teams and their familiarity with the conditions, we also expect them to do so.

As for Higuain as top scorer, we have explained our logic in greater depth here, but while he lacks the flair of an Aguero or Messi, the Napoli man scores goals at will and could have a hatful of them before the group stages are even finished.

Granted, it’s a flutter that’s a little ambitious but it’s not out of the question at the same time and besides, if you’re only an occasional gambler, you want a bit of adventure when you’re parting with your hard-earned euros.

When the bet does inevitably come through, however, remember who told you and feel free to send us a cheque for the price of a pint in the post.


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