Zlatan: “A World Cup without me is not worth watching” 9 years ago

Zlatan: “A World Cup without me is not worth watching”

Cristiano Ronaldo will be there though and on the evidence of last night, next summer’s World Cup will be worth tuning in to for that reason alone.

There had to be a loser in the World Cup play-off battle between Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic that concluded after two legs last night and in the end it was the Swede who had to play second fiddle to the peerless Portuguese after Ronaldo’s remarkable hat-trick.


There is no doubting that the World Cup will be poorer for Zlatan’s absence next summer and it seems as if nobody feels as strongly about that as the man himself after he said as much via his app, Zlatan Unplugged, following last night’s defeat.


Zlatan has never been one to beat around the bush with his public comments and his honesty is refreshing, as was his gesture when applauding Ronaldo after the completion of his hat-trick last night.


Some might see it as arrogance but this is Zlatan after all and if anyone can get away with it, he can.

It still doesn’t mean we’re not going to watch the World Cup because he’s not in it mind, although, being Irish, we do have some sympathy for his plight.