7 inspirational movies to watch if you’re thinking of changing careers 2 years ago

7 inspirational movies to watch if you’re thinking of changing careers

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Are you having second thoughts about your current career? Do you need a bit of inspiration to make the leap into the unknown or to make a fresh start? Well, we have you covered.

The following films may not seem like obvious motivational material but you'll be surprised how inspiring they can be.

1. The Fighter

What’s it about: A journeyman boxer has to choose between his boxing career and his dysfunctional family. He achieves boxing success by choosing his own path and getting rid of the toxic distractions that have held him back.

Takeaway: Sometimes you need to remove yourself from a bad situation if you’re going to make professional progress. Getting stuck in a rut can prevent you from fulfilling your true potential.

2. School of Rock


What’s it about: A musician gets sacked from his band and is facing eviction if he can’t pay his rent. He ends up impersonating a music teacher to get some cash money and discovers a new calling as an unlikely educator.

Takeaway: You need to seize the moment when opportunities present themselves. Change opens up new doors and you can find the perfect job for you in the most unlikely places.

3. 8 Mile


What’s it about: A blue-collar worker in Detroit tries to make it as a rapper against all odds. He struggles to overcome discrimination, self-doubt and a personal life that isn’t going to get him listed in America’s Top 100 families.

Takeaway: It’s easy to lose faith when you start down a new path. Still, talent will shine out and it’s important to believe in yourself and push through the hard times.

4. Jerry Maguire

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What’s it about: A high-flying sports agent has a crisis of conscience and pursues a new goal to focus on fewer clients and provide a better service. He promptly gets fired by the agency and has to fight to survive in the industry, all while getting a chance to test his theory.

Takeaway: An unexpected change can turn out to be the best thing that ever happens to you. Even if it doesn't seem like a good thing at the time!

5. Moneyball

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What’s it about: A baseball team’s manager embraces an unconventional recruitment tactic to overcome a limited player budget. This angers the purists and the traditionalists but his hunch is eventually validated by results and the acceptance of others in the sport.

Takeaway: It can be hard to go against the perceived wisdom of your peers or co-workers. Still, if you're sure you want to make the leap, don't get distracted by the naysayers.

6. Office Space

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What’s it about: An office worker who hates his job is accidentally left in a hypnotised state that causes him to disregard office rules, ignore his boss and stop caring about keeping his job. His brutally honest assessments of the company and frank attitude actually impresses his bosses, who end up promoting him. We’re not suggesting that’s a good idea by the way!

Takeaway: Sometimes, fear of failure can prevent you from getting ahead. Are you stuck in a job you hate? Fear can trap you in the wrong job but adjusting your perspective can help you to find a job that you really like.

7. Field of Dreams

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What’s it about: An Iowa farmer hears a voice telling him to turn his cornfield into a baseball field. Instead of seeking psychiatric help, he brings his family to the edge of financial ruin by doing just that. He starts seeing ghosts of former baseball players on the field and realises that he there’s a greater purpose at work here.

Takeaway: Making a significant change can take longer than you think and take you down an unexpected path. Still, if you work hard and stay the course, it will work out in the end.

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