“The average millennial will have seven jobs… the fear of leaving your job is completely gone” 11 months ago

“The average millennial will have seven jobs… the fear of leaving your job is completely gone”

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What's the biggest reason that you stay on in your 9-5?

Sure, a fat paycheque is nice and all but, according to a life-cycle manager, the flexibility to enjoy a life outside of work and the culture and values of an employer, trump salary when it comes to what people are looking for from a job in 2019.

That’s according to Jayne Ronayne, CEO and co-founder of Talivest, an online platform dedicated to employee life-cycle management, enabling companies to connect with alumni and providing insights into how to retain staff, generate rehires and create business opportunities.

Jayne’s role in Talivest gives her an unrivalled insight into what jobseekers are looking for in the current market and she says that there's lots of factors that influence career choices. Ulimately, the cash dollars on offer for Millenial works is often not the most important factor in deciding to stay in a company.

Jayne Ronayne

“If you go back even 20 years, the typical employee would be looking for a job for life, they would want a pension, they’d want security. We’re now in a situation where the average millennial will have seven jobs, so the fear of leaving your job is completely gone,” said Jayne, who appeared alongside David Maxwell of Boojum on this week's episode of All In, JOE's new business show.

“And the problem is that some companies are still living in the past where they are kind of putting their heads in the sand almost in denial, not accepting the new way that people work,” she added.

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The onus is on an employer, Jayne says, to be conscious of changes in human behaviour and how it caters for its workforce to be able to reflect those changes.

“We now have more choices than we ever had before,” Jayne says.

“We now look for flexibility, we look for a lifestyle, the way of the traditional statement of ‘do you work to live or live to work?’ is completely changing, so, as individuals, when we look to a job, salary is not the most important thing. It’s flexibility. It’s do I have time to actually enjoy a lifestyle? What does the culture represent?

“What we’re seeing is that 80% of employees are looking to the culture of the company rather than looking at the salary so understanding what does a company stand for and what are their values is out-trumping everything else.

“So I think that’s a really important point that some companies have to actually understand and they can invest in everything from having a dry-cleaning provider or really good food, and all of these things are actually irrelevant if they’re not actually understanding if this is making an impact on their workforce.”

Jayne features on this week's episode of All In, JOE's brand new business show.

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