This awesome idea just won this year’s Young Shark Awards 1 year ago

This awesome idea just won this year’s Young Shark Awards

Brought to you by Shark Awards Kinsale

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Have you ever heard of the Shark Awards Kinsale?

They’re an annual celebration of young creatives from across the world and their ability to produce smart, innovative online content. Award categories include short films, design, music videos, and advertising.

Applications are still open, so check out their website here for more details on how to enter!

Earlier this year, a Young Shark Awards also took place. Entrants were given the task of making “a clever social media based piece, to promote the Shark Awards Festival”. Entries flooded in from across the world with bright ideas for marketing the event taking place in Kinsale on 18-21 September. 

Speaking on behalf of the judging panel, Shay Madden announced;

“A big thank you to everyone who entered. Given that ‘The Sharks’ is an International Festival it was great to see so many entries come in from around the world. Indeed the winning idea comes all the way from Sydney, Australia”

"My winner is Lewis Aramayo. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest … and Lewis’ one is a brilliant example (and one that the festival could activate at little cost)”

Young Shark Awards winner


Lewis Aramayo is a copywriter at Ogilivy Sydney, and his idea was called “A shark is following you”.

Basically, he proposed that the team create an Instagram page called ‘a_shark’, and follow creatives across the world. Once their attention had been caught, they’d be encouraged to enter the competition over DM.

After receiving the news of his win, Aramayo said:

"Winning a trip to the Kinsale Shark Awards is a huge feather in the cap. It’s not every day you get to rub shoulders with the best creatives in the biz, gain valuable career experience and drink pints of Guinness along the way. I feel very lucky to have won the opportunity…must be the luck of the Irish!"


To meet Aramayo and lots of creators from across the world, head to Kinsale next month. 

Check out the tickets on sale for the Shark Awards Kinsale right here.

Brought to you by Shark Awards Kinsale