New initiative allows Irish coffee drinkers to buy online and support their favourite coffee shop 2 years ago

New initiative allows Irish coffee drinkers to buy online and support their favourite coffee shop

A very worthy initiative.

An independent Irish coffee roaster has launched an initiative that allows Irish coffee drinkers to buy coffee online and give their favourite cafés and coffee shops a helping hand while they’re at it.


Roasted Brown, an independent coffee roaster based in Wicklow that supplies coffee to corporates, restaurants, cafés and independent coffee shops across the country, has launched a campaign known as ‘Our Shop is Their Shop’ at a time when the hospitality industry has come to a standstill during the Covid-19 emergency.

Essentially, the campaign allows coffee drinkers to nominate their usual and/or favourite coffee shop online and buy from them via Roasted Brown, who process the sale on behalf of the coffee shop or café in question as if they sold it themselves.

When a customer buys a bag of coffee on the online shop, they will be prompted to name the café where they usually drink their Roasted Brown coffee and Roasted Brown will process and ship the coffee to the customer on their behalf.

Roasted Brown has reported a 1,400% increase in its online coffee sales for the month of March in Ireland, with the strongest figures coming from Dublin and Wicklow.


Founder of Roasted Brown, Ferg Brown, the former owner and manager of Roasted Brown Café in Temple Bar, said: “Our sales virtually stopped overnight as many of the businesses we supply closed. Like many small businesses across the country, we had to adapt our business model quickly to survive and to continue to make sales.

“We also felt strongly that we needed to do something to support our customers which are small businesses around Ireland.

“We introduced the ‘Our Shop is Their Shop’ initiative which has been very successful and means that our customers, coffee shops across Ireland, can continue making sales during this terrible time while consumers can continue to enjoy their coffee of choice.”

More information on the ‘Our Shop is Their Shop’ campaign is available on the Roasted Brown website.