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29th May 2024

Ireland AM team in bits after Tommy Bowe gets absolutely rinsed by guest

Simon Kelly

Tommy Bowe rinsed

“Money well spent.”

Ireland AM host Muireann O’Connell was in bits after guest David Walliams absolutely rinsed co-host Tommy Bowe during an interview on the show.

The former Little Britain star was on the Irish morning show to chat about his new book Astrochimp.

Walliams has been a prolific writer of children’s books for over a decade now, with some hit titles like Gangster Granny and Demon Dentist.

During their conversation, Bowe noted that Little Britain had recently turned 20, with Walliams jokingly replying, “It’s older than you.”

Tommy replied: “That’s just the face cream”

Ireland AM team in bits after Tommy Bowe gets absolutely rinsed by guest

At the end of their conversation, Walliams went on to hint that Tommy had “got his teeth done.”

Signing off, Tommy said, “Thank you so much, and for saying that I’ve had my teeth done.”

David clearly saw an opportunity for another dig and instantly said: “You have, haven’t you? I saw you in Turkey having everything done.”

Tommy then joked that he was having his hair done over there as well, to which David replied, “Well you got it all done at once which I think is best.”

“Money well spent,” said a red-faced Tommy, before saying goodbye to his guest.

While all this was going on Muireann can be seen laughing at poor Tommy while he gets roasted on-air.

During their chat, Walliams also discussed a new show he’s working on with Little Britain co-star Matt Lucas.

“Not Little Britain, but we’re doing a brand new show with brand new characters and situations.

“It’s been fun because we’ve been working together and making each other laugh, which what we always try to do.

“It’s a different thing writing books on your own to writing scripts with a partner.

“It’s a bit more fun because it’s a social thing. We’re hanging out together, chatting, gossiping and bitching about people.”

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