5 healthy eating hacks that will transform your diet 3 years ago

5 healthy eating hacks that will transform your diet

Brought to you by Centra.

Having a doughnut in each hand doesn't count as a balanced diet.

Healthy eating can seem like a chore but you don’t need to go to extremes to have an impact. Embracing a better diet doesn’t mean you have to adopt a diet of dry beans, dehydrated vegetables and organic yoghurt.

Adopting a healthier diet doesn’t have to hit your wallet either. Centra are currently doing their bit for their customers by offering blueberries for just €1 between Monday and Wednesday and health activity challenges. So there’s no excuse not to give it a go.

Making a change doesn’t have to disrupt your whole life. These simple, healthy eating hacks show that small changes can make a big difference.

Eat some fruit before shopping

It's been proven that shopping on an empty stomach increases the chances that you’ll land back with a bag of junk food. However, what you eat beforehand can also influence your thinking.

One study found that people who were given a piece of apple before shopping bought 28% more fruit and veg than people who were given a cookie. They also bought 25% more fruit and veg than shoppers that weren’t given anything. So this simple mind trick can keep you on the straight and narrow. Centra's three for €2 offer on selected fruit and veg will also save you a few quid.

Employ the 15 minute rule

We all love seconds but you may not be as hungry as you think you are. The odds are that your stomach is still digesting when you order that extra course or go back to the kitchen for a second helping.

A good rule of thumb is to wait 15 minutes after eating before making any rash decisions. If you’re still hungry, then reload your plate. However, this simple hack will stop you making a pig of yourself!

Eat more fat

This may seem like a trip down the Dark Side, but it actually makes sense. Eating healthy fats makes you feel satisfied so you won’t eat as many calories. Bacon doesn’t count, before you ask.

High fat foods that are good for you include almonds, avocados, eggs or oily fish like salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel. These fats can even lower bad cholesterol and help you shed excess weight so it may be time to embrace the fats. Or the good ones at least.

Eat breakfast

Here’s the “most important meal of the day” speech! It may be a cliché but it’s true. Eating breakfast makes you more productive and fuels your brain.

It also makes you less likely to binge on a high calorie lunch after a long fast. Having breakfast can reduce obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. So that seems like a pretty good incentive to tuck into a bowl of porridge.

Get smaller dishes

Most of us grew up with an Irish Mammy insisting that we clean our plates. Unfortunately, this formative childhood advice can lead to excessive eating, depending on the size of your dishes.

One study found that people who used larger bowls consumed meals that were 16% bigger than someone with a smaller bowl. It may only be an optical illusion, but downsizing your dishes could trick you into eating healthier portions!

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so Centra have introduced great offers and 21 day challenges to get people back on track.

They are now offering healthier offers from Monday to Wednesday, like blueberries for only €1, Flahavans Porridge Oats for just €1 and chicken fillets (454g) now half price. All offers are available until 8 February. They're also promoting Live Well Challenges like strength training and healthy meal recipes set out by health and wellness expert, Pat Divilly.

For more information on Restart week, check out their hub on Centra.ie.

Brought to you by Centra.