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10th Sep 2021

WATCH: Chris Hemsworth’s workout routine for Extraction 2 looks intense

Dave Hanratty

Chris Hemsworth Extraction 2 workout routine

Could you handle this?

Chris Hemsworth is a freak of nature, it’s fair enough to say.

Currently gearing up for the sequel to last year’s action thriller Extraction – which appears to be the most-watched Netflix Original film of all time – Hemsworth is taking his job very seriously indeed.

Taking to his Instagram, the 38-year-old Australian detailed his workout routine for the Extraction follow-up, one that focuses on agility, strength and speed.

Extraction boasted plenty of high-octane chase sequences, not to mention a flurry of close quarter combat fights in the vein of Indonesian action opera The Raid – which just turned 10, by the way; read all about it – so with that kind of training regime,  you can expect further quick and brutal action from Hemsworth in the next film.

As for what goes into the workout in question:

  • Three-minute boxing round (cardio)
  • 50 squats (lower body)
  • 40 sit-throughs (mobility)
  • 20 reps for each (core) exercise
  • 25 push-ups (upper body)
  • Rest two minutes
  • Four sets in total

Sound like fun? Check out the man himself doing it below.

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