Everything you'll find in a Premier League team's gym 3 years ago

Everything you'll find in a Premier League team's gym

Long gone are the days when a football gym would just consist of a few treadmills and little else.

Premier League newboys Norwich City have unveiled a brand new, state-of-the-art gym, and it looks like the ultimate fitness facility. Sleds, prowlers, power racks and an outdoor training rig - this gym has it all.


Strength and conditioning in football has progressed hugely over the years. With that, so has the layout and function of gyms, too.

Norwich's new gym includes elite performance power racks, functional equipment including the unique Tufnut, as well as a customised sprint track and free weights section emblazoned with the club's core values.

If that wasn't enough, Norwich's players will also benefit from an outdoor training space, because who wants to be stuck indoors all day? This space includes a Jordan Ignite rig and triple-width sled track for weighed sled drills.

An inside look at a Premier League team's new gym


These are some of the gym must-haves in terms of functional training and strength and conditioning for top football clubs.

Lifting area

This comes complete with Elite Power Racks, integrated lifting platforms and top end bars and plates.



Perfect for sled work, a must for any performance facility. Premier League games are often decided by the smallest of margins, such as a quick turn of pace. Sled work helps build that.

Stretching zone


It seems strange now, but before Arsene Wenger came to the Premier League in 1996, stretching wasn't taken anywhere nearly as seriously as it should have been. It's now a key part of any footballer's fitness regime. This is why clubs have an area set aside for stretching and yoga.

Outdoor space

The best way to prepare for top-level performance on the pitch is to get outside in the same conditions.

Club branding


New dumbbells come emblazoned with the club's core values.