These are the exercises that you should never ever do 3 years ago

These are the exercises that you should never ever do

Try and avoid these as best you can.

All exercise is good exercise, right?



Some forms of exercise are actually bad for your body and can lead to injury and strain on your muscles. According to the Independent, these are the eight exercises you should avoid doing at all costs.

Tuck jumps

What are these you ask? It's when you squat, then jump and then tuck your knees up towards your chest. Doing this at a high intensity can lead to knee and ankle injuries though.

Behind the neck pull-downs

Just stick to the normal-pull down variations instead because there is more risk of hurting yourself with this motion in comparison to rewards gained.

Cardio (for weight loss)


They suggest that strength training will do more for you than cardio ever will. Strength training will heighten your metabolism for a day and a half while your body uses all the protein and vitamins needed to repair your body after heavy weight lifting.


Tricep dips with hands behind you on the bench

It hurts your wrist like a motherfucker so why bother. There are better, more effective ways to do tricep dips anyway.

Jumping/running on concrete surfaces


Ever been told that running on a treadmill is better than running on the road? There's a reason for that, asphalt roads are apparently not great for your joints.



They curl your spine backwards, arching our backs causing extreme back and neck pain.



The same goes for sit-ups. They cause muscle imbalance and pain and while it may feel like they're working your abs, they might not be at all.

45-degree leg presses

The heavier the weight, the more likely you are to cause damage and this machine puts a severe amount of pressure on your knees and hips.