The strongest man in Ireland has won the title of UK's Strongest Man 2018 4 years ago

The strongest man in Ireland has won the title of UK's Strongest Man 2018

They said it couldn't be done.

Pa O’Dwyer, Ireland’s strongest man for the past three years running, has taken his skills across international waters by claiming the title of UK's Strongest Man 2018 at the competition this weekend.


O'Dwyer has dominated the Irish Strongman circuit for the past few years, winning consecutively, and is now looking for tougher challenges in the form of far-flung opponents.

The 32-year-old boasted confidence in his abilities early on, claiming just days previous that 'there would be an Irishman on the podium again.'

The competition ran over three days in St Albans, just north of London, which saw competitors partake in fifteen tough events such as the Truck Pull, Bar Bending and Tyre Flip.


O'Dwyer competed last year, coming third overall – an enormous achievement in itself.

This year, he triumphed in all categories, claiming the fastest place in the Truck Pull, and being one of only two who finished.

He took to Facebook to share the results.


"Delighted to announce I'm not the UK's Strongest Man 2018. First time it's ever come to the Republic of Ireland, I'm still in shock I cannot believe it."

He also went on to thank his friends, team and family for their unrivalled support.

The Limerick-native is no stranger to winning seemingly impossible challenges of strength, as just a few months ago he took home first place in a deadlift event after lifting a barely believable weight of 520 kg, which is over half a ton and just 4kg short of the world record.


He regularly deadlifts 410kg, which is almost as incomprehensible as it is impressive.

Of course, nutrition is key when it comes to competing at this level. The 'Limerick Lion' knows this all too well, as his diet sees him aiming to consume between 8,000 - 10,000 calories a day.

The colossal regime, which sees O'Dwyer pack away "up to 60 chicken fillets a week", allows the strongman to flip tyres and demolish boulders with ease.

And we're almost positive he has a gym membership too...

Massive congrats, Pa!