JOE's Summer Workouts: Get bigger arms 10 years ago

JOE's Summer Workouts: Get bigger arms

One part of the body that a lot of us concentrate on is the arms, so we had a look at a great routine to blast your biceps and triceps


With the help of personal trainer Anthony Lynch of Raw Condition Gym in Dublin, we take a look at a great routine to pump up your arms.

To start, you want to superset each of these biceps exercises with a triceps exercise to keep the blood flowing in that area. A superset is when you complete one exercise and move straight on to another, in this case you'll complete the biceps exercise and then move on to the triceps one before taking a break and starting again.

First off, grab a straight bar at a weight that you're happy with, and do a slow, controlled curl up and down for three sets of ten reps. Once you finish one set, throw in a set of ten dips before you take your break, so that you also do three sets of ten on this.

Next, you want to do a single concentrated curl, so once again, this will be a slow, controlled movement on one arm, and superset it with an overhead triceps extension. Here, instead of taking a break, move from one arm to the next, so when you finish with the right arm (both biceps and triceps) move to the left. Once the left is finished, the right is rested and ready to go again, so go back to the start. Again, you should aim for three sets of either eight or ten reps here, depending on how heavy your weight is.


The decline hammer curl should be done where you would do your incline sit ups, and will hit your arms and your core. Sit up into a 45 degree angle, let the weights hang down by your side, and curl them up with a hammer grip, once again ensuring it is a controlled motion, in particular on the way back down. A hammer grip is basically what it says on the tin, where you grip the weight as if you were gripping a hammer. The superset here is with skull crushers. Lie back on the incline, start with the dumbbells above your head, and twist on the way up until your arms are straight. Again, it should be three sets of eight or ten reps for both of these exercises and superset the hammer curl with the skull crushers before taking a break and starting again.

The final exercise is to hit the peak of the biceps by throwing in rotations with a dumbbell, aiming for three sets of ten once again.

A huge thanks to Anthony and all the crew at Raw Condition Gym in Dublin, you can check them out on Twitter for more great fitness and motivation tips or head over to their Facebook.