John Oliver discussing the coronavirus outbreak is essential watching this week 2 years ago

John Oliver discussing the coronavirus outbreak is essential watching this week

Everyone's talking about the coronavirus epidemic, but this in particular makes for some really interesting viewing.

As the coronavirus outbreak makes its way through different countries, people are beginning to think more and more about the virus.


And when it's something that a lot of us are unfamiliar with, it's important that we have a tiny bit of perspective on the whole thing, especially considering as we now have a confirmed case of the virus in Ireland.

That's why John Oliver's latest episode of Last Week Tonight is a must-watch for anyone who is still a bit confused by the coronavirus.

Oliver dispels a number of rumours about the global pandemic, while also confirming some things that you may have been doubting.

And as you might imagine, Donald Trump comes under fire for his treatment of the whole thing, saying: "You can’t just ignore real numbers and make up ones that you like better.


"This is the problem with a president whose entire life has been a series of low stakes lies. A man who has lied about — among other things — his net worth, his Apprentice ratings, the number of floors in Trump Tower, the size of the Electoral College victory, the attendance of his rallies, whether it rained at his inaugural and even whether or not he was invited on this very boring and low-rated show."

He leaves with some advice about how best to ensure you remain safe from the virus, as well as an extremely catchy dance routine.

Take a look, it's an entertaining watch:


Clip via LastWeekTonight