Laser hair removal for men: it's no big deal 4 years ago

Laser hair removal for men: it's no big deal

Brought to you by Hair Restoration Blackrock

We sat down with HRBR, to discuss the growing trend of laser hair removal amongst men


In the past decade, more men are taking an interest in their appearance. As a result the male grooming industry has grown massively. HRBR now welcomes male laser hair removal patients who are looking to remove unwanted hair. These patients are treated in a discreet and private setting that is male focused.

The hair removal experts at HRBR say that back, chest and shoulder hair are the most common treatment areas for men. There are other areas where laser treatments can be particularly effective, including upper arm areas, ear and nose. It can also be used to remove facial hair and beard hair. 

Want to know more about how exactly it works? Here’s how the professionals explain the procedure.

How does laser hair removal work?


It is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to remove unwanted hair. The heat from the laser damages the hair follicles to stop or reduce future growth.

Patients see a permanent reduction of hair in the treated area, however 100% removal isn’t possible. Over the course of  treatment, the amount of hair reduces and the texture of hair being treated will change from coarse to fine which is more manageable and less noticeable.

“We get many different types of patients of all age groups attending for laser hair removal, many report feeling self-conscious when swimming, at the gym or on holidays. Most men appreciate the privacy and discretion offered when attending the clinic”


Is there any type of hair that can’t be treated with laser?

Effective laser treatment depends largely on a person’s skin and hair colour. The best response is seen with dark hair and light skin, because the dark pigment absorbs the light from lasers. However grey, white, blonde and red hair rarely respond at all, when lasers have no pigment to target it’s harder to zap away hair.

Patients should attend a consultation with the team before treatment to determine if they are suitable.

Who are HRBR?


For the past 15 years Hair Restoration Blackrock have been a world leader in treating male pattern hair loss. They have treated over 10,000 patients. 

They launched their laser hair removal service more recently in response to patient demand. It’s the first male focused, medically led, laser hair removal clinic in Ireland.

For more information on laser hair removal for men visit the Hair Restoration Blackrock website.

Brought to you by Hair Restoration Blackrock