Looking for somewhere to get started with CrossFit? 7 years ago

Looking for somewhere to get started with CrossFit?


Want to try CrossFit but have never been sure where to start?


There's always a new exercise or diet craze for people to try their hand at, and increasingly it looks like there's something that jumps out of the blue every few weeks these days. One of the fastest growing ones is most certainly CrossFit, and although there's a big community at the moment, a few people are still confused as to exactly what it is.

If you're looking to get started and you've got plenty of questions, or you just want to study up on your technique for a few of the essential functional movements in the gym that you can add to your workout, then our mates at CrossFit Bray should be able to look after you.

Rather than doing a fundamentals course with new members, instead they run what they're calling 'Elements'. Elements is a very basic strength programme involving fundamental lifts - squat, pull, push, hip bend. The great thing is that members are involved in the whole class environment and get a taste for the competition and fun factor without killing themselves by doing snatch lifts when they aren't strong enough. CrossFit can get some bad press for injuries but with the right trainers, and the right environment it has some great benefits, and in Ian Madden (a CrossFit S&C coach with over seven years' experience) and Michael Carrol (former Leinster Rugby, Connacht Rugby and Racing-Metro 92
player), Bray CrossFit definitely ticks that box.

Monthly membership is €169 and that includes a monthly meeting with a nutritionist for body fats and meal plans and couple of weekly classes in yoga (fantastic for stretching, loosening up and in general chilling out) as well as a core class (bums and tums, for those of us who want to look good in our Speedo this summer).

There is an endurance programme and field sports programme running twice a week to compliment the training being done in the club, and there are a huge variety of members, from beginners to triathletes and rugby players. The rate for that is €129 per month and includes all the extras (all that stuff about nutrition and yoga we were on about).

One final, and pretty fantastic point, is that they also offer a 30 day rolling contract. They wanted to make sure that no one felt tied to a six or 12 month contract, and was simply heading down even if they weren't enjoying it. All you have to do if you don't want to continue is give 21 days notice so that they can cancel the bank payments.

And for the first 25 people who sign up and mention that you heard about the whole thing on JOE, you'll be able to avail of a special rate of €140 for the unlimited membership for the length of your time with them. If you have any more questions or want some info, check out the CrossFit Bray website, send them a tweet, or drop them a line on Facebook.