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31st Jul 2018

More and more men are having surgery to get bigger calves

Alan Loughnane

bigger calves

We’re not going to name names, of course…

For all those days you spend the day on your couch watching Netflix killing it in the gym, working on developing your muscles, calf muscles are the hardest area to add mass… according to The Simpsons.

But people aren’t content these days with one part of their body looking sub-standard. No, it seems like people aren’t just reserving plastic surgery for their noses and liposuction anymore.

Dr Gary Ross, a plastic surgeon based in Manchester, has said that demand in the UK has grown so much that the surgery is now more popular than bum augmentation surgery.

Talking to BBC’s newsbeat he said: “We’re seeing a least 2-3 people a week looking for a change in this lower part of the body. Five years ago it was uncommon to have people come in for these treatments, maybe even less than 1 a month.”

So what exactly does a surgery like this involve?

“Fat is taken via liposuction from areas such as the flanks before being replaced in the calves to provide volume,” according to Ross.

But Ross has urged people to think very carefully about their choice before going under the knife and to make sure you’ve been given sound medical advice.

“Congenitally there may be underlying causes such as skeletal malformations, and acquired causes include trauma. It is important to be examined thoroughly and to investigate any underlying causes before considering surgery,” Ross said.

Milhouse knows the struggle…

Clip via Ace of Spades