Military trainer reveals his tips for core work that will give you a six pack 5 years ago

Military trainer reveals his tips for core work that will give you a six pack

If you've a bad diet, you can basically forget about it folks...

Summer is here. Yes, we've had some good weather recently and we've lost count of how many men we've seen walking around with their tops off.


If you're looking to shed some of the spare tire from around your waist over the next few weeks before we get into the full swing of summer, then these pieces of advice may be right up your alley.

Australian commando and fitness coach Scott Evennett is in phenomenal shape. We'll reiterate. He's in phenomenal shape.


He caught up with with The Daily Mail Australia to discuss how you can work out your core and get yourself in shape, along with some simple dietary tips.

“Exercise is physically and mentally challenging, no question about it,” he told The Daily Mail Australia. “But you've got to take ownership and quit the excuses—it's you versus you. Be accountable for your own actions. Forget motivation, you need discipline. Without good discipline, you won't stick to anything.”

“Your body is capable of 20 times more than your mind will let it, you just have to believe. If you want to have a body that performs as well as it looks, you need to build a mind as strong as a Special Forces soldier.”

When it comes to dietary requirements, Evennett suggests fish, chicken, eggs, natural peanut butter, leafy greens, avocado, sweet potatoes, protein powders, basmati rice and bulletproof coffee.


But if you want to be in shape, he stresses the need to avoid0 food and drinks such as soda, refined sugars, energy drinks, simple carbs, fast food, low fat products, vegetable oils, processed foods and alcohol.

Finally, if you're seeking that killer body, it's important that you listen to what your body is actually telling you, and build your workouts from there.

“Your shape dictates the pace at which you can develop abs and lose fat accordingly. It is vitally important to gather data from your own body and adapt your diet plan accordingly,” he said.“If you're trying to train for the killer six pack, quit the thousands of ab crunches or fancy ab machines and start incorporating gymnastics/calisthenics, heavy compound, multi-joint total body movements. It's these that will promote more total fat loss and a bigger muscle-building response.”