Quit To Fit Week 10: Quitting tobacco is only the beginning 6 months ago

Quit To Fit Week 10: Quitting tobacco is only the beginning

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New me, who's this?

Well, you've only gone and done it. Ten weeks ago, you probably felt like you were staring down a long, dark tunnel and it looked like you would never see the light at the end.

That said, the best is yet to come. Everything at the other end of this journey is far more important than what came before.

This is more of a time to be excited than it is a time to look back.

Quit To Fit Week 10

Before you go off and enjoy your new life without tobacco, life coach Raul Aparici has a few things to say.

"There was a time when your social life, your breaks and even your income were subjected to the whims of your addiction. The day was constructed around your cigarette breaks and your body would suffer in different ways, both in the short and the long term.

"Here’s the good news; you’ve broken free! But every day you get to decide if you’re going to keep your freedom," Raul said.

While you have certainly done something remarkable by finishing this challenge, the important thing is to keep going. The reasons you had at the beginning of #QuitToFit should still hold true, and stand as motivation to keep it up.

"We are at the end of the 10 weeks and it has been a journey! However, this is still only the beginning. We have so many exciting times ahead!

"A newfound love for healthy food, the amazing feeling you get by moving around and being active, or perhaps you have become proficient at yoga or boxercise! Whatever it is that has kept you going, do more of it," he said.

Find your champion

"Be very clear about who your champions are: who is going to continue supporting you in your journey? Who can you turn to for help and support when you have a bad day? There’s so much support out there: speak to your pharmacist, add a quit smoking website to your favourites, use quit smoking aides if you feel you need extra support, and don't forget to look up support groups.

"Stay close to your #QuitToFit partner, and stay on the journey together whenever possible. And give yourself a break should you have a little slip up. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on where you left off," he said.

The challenge we set out might be over, but we want to hear from everyone else who joined in. Let us know all about it on social media by using #QuitToFit.

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