Quit to Fit Week 4: Day one of your smoke-free life 4 years ago

Quit to Fit Week 4: Day one of your smoke-free life

.*In partnership with NiQuitin.

One month down!


So you’ve reached week four of our Quit to Fit challenge. You can now really start classifying yourself as a non-smoker.

Our life coach Raul Aparici describes this time as like 'day one'. It’s the beginning of your real, new, non-smoking life.

What to expect?

“You’re taking control back and the cravings are now less powerful,” says Raul.


Even though your body is free of the cigarettes at this stage, it’s likely that you will continue to think about them. Raul says that it’s important to “remember why you quit in the first place.” Think about all the benefits that have come about since you dropped the habit. The fact that your clothes don’t stink anymore and you’re now able to breathe easier.

It’s time to go outside and get some air into your lungs. Which leads us on nicely to this week’s challenge.

The challenge


Each week for 10 weeks, we'll be setting you an activity that's supposed to keep you active and take you out of your comfort zone. Fourth time around, we want to get you out of the house and into nature. Find a scenic destination and get out and do some hiking.

How rough the terrain and how far you walk is all up to you. We're not asking you to scale Mount Doom. The important thing is that you're outdoors and taking advantage of your improved health.

As Raul says “it’s been a big climb but you can start to feel on top of the world. Put your lungs to good use and get out there, start to feel the physical benefits of being able to move around more.”


It’s been a massive achievement to get this far. Now you can really start to enjoy the benefits of your ever improving physical health. As you literally ascend the mountain, remind yourself of the metaphorical one that you've just managed to overcome.

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*In partnership with NiQuitin.