The 5 worst things about taking the bus to work 4 years ago

The 5 worst things about taking the bus to work

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Avoid the hassle.


Taking the bus to work can be an absolute pain in the hole. It’s a staple in our lives from school days, through college and on into adult life. Despite its ubiquity in our daily routine, it never ceases to amaze when it comes to the level of an inconvenience using public transport can cause in our life.

As part of our Quit to Fit challenge with NiQuitin, we want to encourage you to break the cycle (pun intended) and swap the bus for the bike. So put away that leap card, dust off those wheels and hit the open road.

Our five teams will be starting and ending their workday with a bit of exercise and charting their progress on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #QuitToFit. Why not give it a go yourself? Tell us how you get on by posting updates or pictures with the hashtag. As if you needed more encouragement, here are some of the many things that grind our gears when it comes to taking public transport.

1. Traffic


Let’s start off with one that’s not just applicable to buses, but all automotive transport. Traffic makes you get up extra early in the hope of beating it. But no matter how early you rise, it’ll still manage to ruin your day.

Nothing quite matches the frustration of sitting on a bus as it ekes along a street. Especially when you’re getting close to work but not quite near enough to justify getting out and walking the rest of the way. It’s the closest thing we have in real life to purgatory.

2. Crowds


What can be worse than sitting in traffic interminably? Doing it while crammed into a bus with a lot of equally disgruntled commuters. You know that moment when the bus is already at capacity and you pull up to a stop with another massive bunch of people determined to push their way on? Gas craic altogether.

Imagine the wind blowing through your hair as you fly past the bus on a bike. Sound more appealing?

3. The Fare


Remember when it used to cost €1.60 to get into town? That feels like a very distant memory now as Dublin Bus just increased the fare by another 10 cent in December.

Whether you have a bike already or invest in a reasonably priced second-hand one, you’re going to save a lot of money in the long run.

4. Getting left behind


There’s a scene that we’re all familiar with. As the last of the passengers board the bus, one poor soul appears on the horizon, in a desperate race to get there before the doors close. We see it pretty much every journey.

In fact, we’ve all been that unfortunate person legging it towards the bus stop, waving our arms, appealing to the kindness of the bus driver. Occasionally you get lucky, you’re fast enough, or the driver is a decent enough person to hold on the extra 10 seconds to wait for you.

More often than not, this scene ends with the driver slamming the doors shut just as you get close enough to tap on the glass. Just close enough to see the smirk on their face as they drive off, relishing your misfortune. For some bus drivers, it’s practically a perk of the job.

5. The Drama

As a consequence of sharing a tight space with a bunch of random people, quite often you get to share in their problems. From the loud, angry phone call taking place right behind you, to the spat between the driver and some bloke who won’t pay the correct fare. There's no telling what theatrical marvel awaits you on your commute.

If you were a glass half full type of person you could whip out the popcorn and enjoy the show. But chances are you just want to get to work.

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