Loads of people stopped masturbating to watch the Game of Thrones finale (Spoilers) 6 years ago

Loads of people stopped masturbating to watch the Game of Thrones finale (Spoilers)

What an incredible climax (pun intended) to Game of Thrones that was.

The final episode of Season 6 was earth-shatteringly good.


We didn't know how it could top the penultimate Battle of the Bastards episode, which saw evil little shit Ramsay Bolton finally get his ultraviolent comeuppance.

But the finale, Winds of Winter, *SPOILERS INCOMING* really triumphantly topped it with Daenerys lining up her army, Jon Snow championed as King of the North and Cersei Lannister in command over Kings Landing.

To gauge how good it was, it's worth taking a look at the traffic figures for PornHub.

The adult website usually has around 60 million people happily masturbating over their computer on any given day.


But the GoT finale was so good it literally stopped hundreds of thousands of people getting themselves off... for an hour at least.

Official figures from the porn site show that there was a 4% drop in traffic when the episode first aired in the US on HBO at 9pm on Sunday night. That's a lot of people.

It echoed the traffic figures for when the new series premiered back in April, which saw porn traffic drop off for several hours when episode one hit TV screens.

GoT chart


But even before the final episode aired, porn fans were still getting their Game of Thrones-related kicks.

Westeros-inspired masturbating was in full swing in the days running up to the explosive denouement of Series 6.

Searches ranged from mundane stuff like 'hottie', 'nude' and 'sex scene' to things like 'midievel' [sic], 'peter dinklage,' 'midget', 'lesbians, and 'incest' according to VICE. There are no prizes for guessing PornHub users' top character search on the site was Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke.

It comes after a crackdown by HBO on saucy clips from Game of Thrones appearing on PornHub.


Fun spoilers.

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