Channel 4 announces plans for a reboot of GamesMaster 2 years ago

Channel 4 announces plans for a reboot of GamesMaster

If you were a child of the '90s, then you will be very excited by this news.

Running from 1992 to 1998 on Channel 4, GamesMaster was likely to be the first TV programme dedicated entirely to video games, and to this day, likely still the mostly popular.


Mostly hosted by Dominik Diamond (it was briefly hosted by Dexter Fletcher, who would go on to become a big-time Hollywood director), with special guest appearances by Patrick Moore as some kind of Cyberpunk Gaming Frankenstein, it really resonated with gamers who were, at the time, playing with the first PlayStation, the GameBoy Colour, and the N64.

Jump forward a couple of decades, and gaming has becoming exponentially more popular, and Channel 4 is banking on that audience again, as it has announced it is rebooting the GamesMaster series.

As per its sales page, it states that this is what viewers can expect to see:

"If the show gets the go-ahead, five bold celebrities will embark on a gaming odyssey but only one can go on to become the GamesMaster champion and take home the Golden Joystick.


"They’ll undergo challenges, races and fights in virtual battle across all genres of gaming under the watchful eye of the all-knowing GamesMaster.

"Each week at least one celeb will be eliminated… Over the three episodes, five will become one and the winner will be crowned. They’ll play each other at everything from iconic classics to brand new releases. We’ll also be serving tonnes of extra gaming-themed content to our audiences to keep them coming back for more."

Perhaps we'll get another legendary moment like this one, in which one of the co-hosts announced on air that one of the games was rigged, and then resigned from the show completely:


Clip via Maffew