JOE Gaming Weekly - FIFA cross-platform play is on the way 1 week ago

JOE Gaming Weekly - FIFA cross-platform play is on the way

Also, it looks like the world of house party gaming could be making a comeback!

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So, off we go!


Nintendo Switch Sports


Remember when Wii Sports was one of THE best games to put on whenever you had friends or family over? Well, picking up that gauntlet is Switch Sports, which uses the Switch controllers to play one of six sports - Volleyball, Badminton, Soccer, Bowling, Tennis, and Chambara (which is essentially fencing) - and then you decide if you want to play solo, online, or local co-op.

Obviously the more people you try to play with, the more tech you need and the more organised you'll all need to be, but it can be worth it when you've got a full-on sports party happening with everyone competitive and/or cheering you on from the (virtual) sidelines.

Nintendo Switch Sports is available to play right now on - yep, you guessed - the Nintendo Switch.



FIFA to start testing cross-platform play

It has been a LONG time coming, but finally, if you have a PlayStation and your FIFA-loving mate has an Xbox (and you both have FIFA 22), then you'll soon be able to play online together. Sort of.

In a blog post this week, EA announced that they will soon be testing cross-platform play for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Google Stadia players only, and it will also only be available within Online Seasons and Online Friendlies.


It is more likely that this test will be properly added in for FIFA 23, but for now, this will have to do. And even better, in case you missed it, FIFA 22 is one of the PS Plus subscription games for the month of May.


Resident Evil Village: Deluxe Edition

It made our list of best games of 2021, a mash-up of the fun action of RE4 and the all-out horror of RE7 made for a fantastic action-horror combination.

The Deluxe Edition comes equipped with a Trauma Pack and also gives you access to Resident Evil: Re:Verse, a six-player death-match competitive multiplayer game in which you play as some famous RE characters from throughout the franchise.


Resident Evil Village: Deluxe Edition is available for PS5 and PS4 on the PS Store until Wednesday, 11 May, marked down from €79.99 to €39.99.

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