FIFA Ultimate Team reveals some new cool 'House Rules' for FIFA 20 2 years ago

FIFA Ultimate Team reveals some new cool 'House Rules' for FIFA 20

We think FIFA players are going to seriously enjoy these new modes.

Every year, Ultimate Team is the most played feature on the latest version of FIFA, and for good reason too.


But a major complaint that a number of players have is that having a successful Ultimate Team is almost like having a part-time job.

You're constantly rewarded for how often you play, which can often turn the more casual gamers among us off the whole thing.

If you are a more casual gamer, then FIFA 20 could be the game for you.

At a recent FIFA Producer Tour in Berlin, JOE was informed that this year, FUT would still have all of its original qualities that makes it what it is, but with new "foundation goals" that will make the game become more "easy and accessible".


But what is for sure the most exciting thing about this year's FUT is the introduction of House Rules. House Rules were introduced to the game in FIFA 19, with fun modes like "next goal wins" and "long-shots only".

The House Rules in FIFA 20's FUT consist of Max Chemistry, King of the Hill,  Swaps and Mystery Ball. 

In Max Chemistry, they’ve taken the restrictions of team building away and added a full boost to players’ chemistry, regardless of their position in the squad or their links.

Each player will play at 10 chemistry and the team will have 100 team chemistry, allowing you to experiment with new squad combinations with the full power of chemistry styles.


King of the Hill combines the power of dribbling in a control zone with a goal value meter making the focus of the game more different than ever before. A control zone will spawn in the attacking zone, which you will have to get the ball inside and then continue to control it as the space shrinks and your goal meter starts to fill.

Players will have to balance their chances between retaining possession and pushing for a max goal value of 3, and then work their way up the pitch and try to score. This one looks really fun.

Swaps brings a team building twist to the match. At the start of each game, you’ll have three players randomly swapped from your squad with your opponent.


Will you get your opponents' best three players and replace them with some of your bronze starters? Or will you just get to experience what it’s like to play with some different players you have never used before?

As an additional benefit, if you manage to score on your friend with one of their players, you’ll be awarded two points for that goal. Each match in Swaps will bring some fun opportunities to use your friends' players against them.

Mystery Ball, meanwhile, brings the element of surprise each time the ball leaves play as it comes in as a new mystery ball type.

Each ball has a custom goal value that ranges from 1-3 goals and boosts the player in possession with over-the-top effects that affect their shooting, dribbling, passing, sprint speed, or the all powerful 'All Ball', which affects all of them at the same time.


So the ball could go out of play, and come back in and your players will be amazing at finishing or dribbling. Class.

More information on FIFA Ultimate Team in the upcoming FIFA 20 is available here.